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Sailing has been around for thousands of years

The earliest recorded sighting of a sail-powered ship was from an Egyptian vase dated about 3500 BC. Around a thousand years ago, the Vikings  sailed to North America. As sailing technology advanced, European explorers could sail further, longer, and in harsher climates.

Sailing is the use of wind power to propel a craft forward. Sailing has been around for so long that sailing is thought to have given human civilizations a competitive edge.


A sailboat is a vessel that can be used for different purposes. It can be used for fishing, transportation, cruising or leisure.


A catamaran is a two-hulled boat that can be a more stable than a monohull. A catamaran also tends to be faster


The monohull, is kept on course by the fins in the water beneath it. The rudder controls the trajectory. It consists of the “wing” at the rear of hull

The keel

The keel is the boat's foundation, which stabilizes it in the water. These masts are known as rigs. They are the main source of propulsion for sailboats. There are several types of masts, depending on the type of boat.

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