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October 16, 2023

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October 16, 2023

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Introducing Odd Lift Crafting!

Helmed by the dynamic duo, Duca and Roberta, this channel sails through the vast waters of sailing expertise, bringing you on board their 44-foot steel beauty aptly named ‘Odd’.

A bit about the journey:

Launch Date: They embarked on this digital voyage on 9th March 2017.
The Vessel: ‘Odd’ is not just their home on the water but a canvas for their creative endeavors. A sturdy 44-foot long steelboat, she stands testament to the couple’s love for the sea and their craftsmanship.

What can you expect from Odd Lift Crafting?

While they share snippets of their sailing adventures, the heart of the channel is truly dedicated to DIY projects. Whether it’s repairs, upgrades, or innovative modifications to ‘Odd’, Duca and Roberta take you through every step with clarity, precision, and a dash of humor. Their passion for crafting and sailing is contagious, making each video both informative and entertaining.

For all you sailors out there looking to spruce up your vessel, learn new tricks, or just enjoy some good old boat-related content, drop your anchor at Odd Lift Crafting. With every video, Duca and Roberta reaffirm that with the right spirit and a touch of creativity, the world is your oyster, and the sea, your backyard.

So set your sails, fellow mariners, and let Odd Lift Crafting guide you through the beautiful confluence of sailing and DIY magic.

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