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Setting Sail With Ryan & Sophie: A Transatlantic Odyssey


October 20, 2023

Date Posted:

June 21, 2023

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Embark on a nautical adventure with Ryan Ellison and Sophie Darsy, as they ditch their corporate chains to embrace the endless blue. Since 2016, this dynamic duo has been documenting their escapades aboard a Beneteau Oceanis 40 from 2007, through their YouTube channel.

What sets them apart is their raw storytelling ability. Rather than just glorifying the seafarer’s life, they offer a genuine glimpse into the daily challenges and euphoric highs of long-term sailing. From the placid beauty of a calm day on the North Sea to battling ferocious storms in the Atlantic, their videos encapsulate the true essence of what it means to be at one with the waves.

Hailing originally from Sweden, their shift from stable ground to the constantly moving deck is fascinating. With a steady stream of navigation tips, maintenance insights, and snippets of onboard life, Ryan and Sophie’s channel is a treasure trove for both sailing greenhorns and seasoned mariners.

In summary, Ryan and Sophie’s YouTube channel is an inspiring odyssey that captures the heart and spirit of sailing. Whether you’re an aspiring sailor or an old salt, their tales of transatlantic wanderings are bound to stir your inner adventurer.

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