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They saved for years to buy a boat, and now they are bloody doing it


October 27, 2023

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October 27, 2023

The Teulu Tribe is a British couple, Becka and Zach, who are on a journey to sail around the world.

They saved for years to buy a home so they could sail around the world, and now they are doing it; no, they are bloody doing it. Their boat is a 1985 Colvic Victor 40 Ketch.

They share their adventures through their sailing YouTube channel and website, selling Teulu Tribe merchandise.

Becka and Zach met at Swansea University in 2018, where Becka studied Criminology and Zach studied Marine Biology. They bonded over their mutual love for travel and adventure1.

Buying a boat and sailing around the world was a distant dream for them for a long time. It all started in 2020 when they were cooped up in a small student house in Swansea. They were dreaming of sailing off into the big blue, but with a degree still to finish, on a student budget and only dingy sailing experience, and no boat, the idea seemed unrealistic and pretty insane.

However, they worked hard, finished their degrees, worked as many hours as physically possible, saved with all their might, got experience and in March 2022, bought their very own sailboat, a 1987 Colvic Victor ketch. They let go of the idea of ever sailing her and moved on to looking at smaller boats full of osmosis again. But, they couldn’t get the idea that this was meant to be their boat out of their minds, and they finally made an offer on her in March 2022.

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The sailboat

The Colvic Victor 40 is a monohull sailboat designed by John A. Bennett and built by Colvic Craft starting in 19781. It’s a moderate-weight sailboat that is underpowered, very stable/stiff and has an excellent righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a bluewater cruising boat.

Here are some key specifications:

  • Length Overall: 12.2 m1
  • Waterline Length: 10 m1
  • Beam: 3.8 m1
  • Draft: 1.8 m1
  • Displacement: 10,000 kg1
  • Ballast: 4,500 kg1
  • Rig and Sails Type: Ketch1
  • Fuel Type: Diesel1
  • Fuel Capacity: 238 l
  • Water Capacity: 348 l

The hull is made of fibreglass and has a fin keel and a semi-balanced rudder in skeg. The boat has a moderate s-shaped hull, grp hull, deck and superstructure, threadmaster anti-slip, and hardened glass windows in alum.

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