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October 25, 2023

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November 14, 2021

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Wind Hippie Sailing is a YouTube channel run by a minimalist single-hander who is slowly cruising the world on a Grinde 27’.

Her channel features original videos about the boat overhaul, day-to-day life aboard and a lot of single-handed sailing on a small boat in big oceans.

She grew up on their parent’s Cal25 while they were completing their own circumnavigation. Sailing is in their blood; they’ve spent more than half their life on a boat.

They are currently in French Polynesia with plans to head to the Cook Islands, Fiji, and beyond this season. If you want more information on their trip, you can visit her website.

This is her most viewed video after crossing sailing from Panama to the Marquesas

Holly Martin, the female Captain on Wind Hippie Sailing, started her goal of completing a circumnavigation in October 2018 when she left Round Pond, Maine and headed towards the Panama Canal.

She has been sailing her 27-foot sloop Gecko as part of her YouTube channel. So, she has been sailing for more than five years now.

She grew up on boats with her parents, first on a Cal 25, as they sailed in the South Pacific and later the Arctic. Therefore, sailing has been a significant part of her life for many years.

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