New X-yacht 4.3

X-yacht 4.3 mark 2 has a bigger mast and sail plan. The yacht has a starting price at €344,000


November 21, 2021

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August 1, 2021

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The new model will have a larger mast and thus also more sails and a wider stern. The boat can officially be experienced first on BOOT in 2022, but can soon be experienced at X-Yachts’ own boat show in Haderslev Denmark 

The X-yachts showroom in Haderslev is already full of beautiful boats, and by the quay is the X5.6, but it is especially the sneak preview of the new edition of X4.3s

What we are developing now can be described as a smaller version of X5.6. The development of X4.3 is considered a natural development that incorporates the experience and especially the visual appearance of especially X4.6 and X4.0, and after launching X5.6, we saw some possibilities for X4.3, that will lift her to an even higher level, explains Thomas Mielec

The X4.3 is based on the success of the first 4.3 with more than 100 sold, but now it is optimized on a number of points, including a higher mast. The newly designed hull shape is wider above the waterline with the b-max brought further back and with soft chines. This improves downhill sailing and allows for a much wider cockpit to the rear.

Productpage of X4.3 on X-yachts website here

The mast height and sailing area have been increased compared to the existing model. And it’s just about creating more power, Mielec concludes about the boat, adding that a larger bowsprit has also been added.

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