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Let's talk about how to make great pictures of your boat before listing it. Sailboat photography aint that difficult.


October 26, 2023

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November 30, 2021

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Searching for a used boat online can sometimes be a challenge due to poor quality photos accompanying the listings. Subpar photos in a sales ad can be likened to a disinterest in selling the boat. An effective sales listing should present a comprehensive view, with high-quality images being paramount.

The primary objective of your listing is to lure potential buyers from their screens to view the boat in person. The right combination of photos and descriptions should attract a wide range of potential buyers, not just the most eager ones. This can lead to better pricing options. Conversely, low-quality photos can deter potential buyers, complicate the sales process, and sow seeds of mistrust.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to create a compelling ad with great photos. You just need to understand what to highlight and how to capture it.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Preparation for Photoshoot:
    • Clean the boat and tidy the deck.
    • Organize the interior, removing any unnecessary items.
    • Relocate the boat to an ideal spot for photography.
  2. Transparency:
    • Be upfront about any visible wear, tear, or damage. Documenting these in photos and descriptions allows potential buyers to make informed decisions.
    • Revealing defects ensures you maintain an upper hand during price negotiations, as any damages would already be factored into the asking price.
  3. Choosing the Right Camera:
    • Opt for a camera that captures clear, sharp images. Most modern smartphones suffice.
    • Ensure the camera lens is clean, free from smudges or debris.
  4. Timing & Location:
    • Avoid taking photos midday or on exceptionally bright days to prevent overexposure or glares.
    • Opt for early morning or late afternoon shots.
    • Choose picturesque backgrounds that accentuate your boat. A serene bay or anchorage can be ideal. Capture some shots while the boat is sailing and from various angles.
  5. Photo Composition:
    • Begin with wide shots of the entire boat, both at a distance and closer views, preferably while sailing or anchored.
    • Ensure all photos are taken horizontally.
    • Feature the boat’s interiors, especially the galley. Illuminate the space, reduce ceiling exposure, and capture multiple angles.
    • Highlight special features, like unique electronics, instruments, or fixtures.
    • Document any defects, even if they’re minor. Make them noticeable, placing these images towards the end of your listing.
  6. Selection Process:
    • Begin by eliminating unsuitable photos. The remaining images should be the top contenders for your ad.
    • Ensure the photos align with the descriptive text and feature the boat’s highlights.
    • Ideally, an ad should include between 10 to 15 high-quality photos.

Note: As tempting as it might be to use manufacturer photos, always use original images in your ad. It’s about portraying an accurate representation of what you’re selling.

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