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Top10 Bluewater Cruising Sailboat Brands in Europe

What Bluewater Cruising sailboat brands in Europe are worth noticing?


October 25, 2023

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September 5, 2023

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Bluewater cruising sailboat brands have one thing in common: they are designed for long passages and are built to be sturdy, comfortable, and capable of handling a variety of sea conditions.

In the sailing world, a class of vessels embodies the spirit of adventure, resilience, and the call of the open sea — the Bluewater cruising sailboat. These maritime marvels are meticulously designed and equipped to tackle the most challenging waters. From their robust hulls to their efficient sail plans, Bluewater cruisers are the ultimate vessels for extended voyages, offering a harmonious blend of seaworthiness, safety, and onboard comfort. In this exploration, we delve into the essential qualities that define a Bluewater cruiser.

From hull design and size to construction materials and safety features, we uncover the intricacies of these vessels that make them the preferred choice for those seeking to chart their course across vast oceans.

What defines a bluewater sailboat?

  1. Offshore sailing
  2. Seaworthy design
  3. Full keel
  4. Heavy displacement
  5. The rig
    1. Cutter rig, Ketch rig, or Sloop rig
  6. Watertight bulkheads
  7. Redundant systems
    1. Navigation equipment, Communication tools
  8. Sail handling
    1. Roller furling
    2. In-mast furling
  9. Self-sufficiency
    1. Wind generator
    2. Solar panels
    3. Watermaker
  10. Extended cruising

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These brands are notable Bluewater Cruising Sailboat Brands in Europe:

  1. Oyster Yachts (UK) – Oyster is synonymous with luxury bluewater cruising yachts. Known for their excellent craftsmanship and focus on long-haul comfort.
  2. Hallberg-Rassy (Sweden) – Renowned for its high-quality, ocean-going cruising sailboats, Hallberg-Rassy is a top choice among long-distance cruisers.
  3. Amel Yachts (France) – Specializing in ketch-rigged designs, Amel yachts are explicitly built for comfortable and safe long-distance cruising.
  4. Najad Yachts (Sweden) – Known for their solid construction and high-quality interiors, Najad yachts are well-suited for bluewater cruising.
  5. Beneteau (France) – Their “Oceanis” range is particularly popular among bluewater cruisers. Beneteau boats are known for being versatile and well-engineered.
  6. Jeanneau (France) – Their “Sun Odyssey” line has models designed for extended cruising, and they offer a good mix of comfort and performance.
  7. Dufour Yachts (France) – The Grand Large range from Dufour is aimed at cruisers looking for performance and comfort on long journeys.
  8. Contest Yachts (Netherlands) – A Dutch brand known for solidly built, high-quality cruising yachts.
  9. Moody Yachts (Germany/UK) – Originating in the UK but now produced in Germany, Moody Yachts offers a range of deck saloon cruisers designed for long-distance sailing.
  10. Wauquiez Yachts (France) – Known for their Pilot Saloon series, Wauquiez yachts are built for ocean cruising, emphasising luxury and safety.

European Brands (Outside the Top 10 List):

  1. X-Yachts (Denmark)X-Yachts is known for racing and cruising yachts with a strong reputation for performance and quality.
  2. Swan Yachts (Finland) – Manufactures high-performance cruising yachts with an emphasis on luxury and attention to detail.
  3. Southerly Yachts (UK) – Known for their variable-draft keels, making them versatile for different cruising grounds.

Bluewater Cruising

Worldwide competing brands in the bluewater cruising

Competing brands in the bluewater cruising sailboat market offer different designs, features, and price points, appealing to various types of sailors. While European brands have a strong presence in this niche, several other international competitors should not be overlooked. Here’s a list of some key competitors from around the world:

U.S. Brands:

  1. Hinckley Yachts – Known for high-end, luxury sailboats with an emphasis on craftsmanship and timeless designs.
  2. Island Packet Yachts – Focuses on full-keel, heavy-displacement cruising yachts.
  3. Pacific Seacraft – Renowned for its well-built, ocean-going yachts designed by Bill Crealock.
  4. Tartan Yachts – Offers a range of performance cruising sailboats, emphasising speed, agility, and comfort.

Australian Brands:

  1. Seawind Catamarans – Primarily known for their cruising catamarans, which are built to be sturdy and reliable for long voyages.

Canadian Brands:

  1. C&C Yachts – Historically known for performance cruisers, although the original company is no longer in operation, their boats are still in high demand in the used market.

South African Brands:

  1. Leopard Catamarans – Specializes in bluewater cruising catamarans emphasising speed, comfort, and innovative designs.
  2. Balance Catamarans – Focuses on high-performance, ocean-going catamarans.

New Zealand Brands:

  1. Mason Yachts – Known for sturdy, ocean-going vessels designed for serious cruising.

Asian Brands:

  1. Hylas Yachts (Taiwan) – Offers a range of luxury cruising sailboats known for high-quality craftsmanship and design.

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