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X-yachts XC 47 – What to Expect

The best cruiser ever made?


July 14, 2023

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June 21, 2023

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X-Yachts, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, is set to launch its latest bluewater cruiser, the XC 47, in early 2024. By summer 2023 already 5 XC47 are sold

Building upon years of experience and a deep understanding of sailors’ needs, X-Yachts aims to deliver a the best cruiser, ever build. Thats quite a statement. This article will explore what you can expect from the XC 47 and compare it with its predecessor, the XC 45.

Design and Accommodations:

The XC 47 introduces a new generation of XCruising, prioritizing safety, comfort, and shorthanded sailing. Reflecting X-Yachts’ commitment to providing a luxurious sailing experience, the yacht’s elegant design is executed with a keen sense of style. Notable design features include a centralized placement of heavy equipment, ensuring optimal weight distribution throughout the boat. This arrangement enhances stability and performance.

To create a sense of openness and spaciousness, X-Yachts has incorporated additional natural light and 16 opening hatches, offering ample ventilation and loads of natural light.

The XC 47’s cockpit layout is thoughtfully designed to allow the helmsman to easily handle all lines, with a re-positioned traveler creating an efficient workspace.

The cockpit, featuring a closed transom, ensures comfort and safety. Furthermore, the superstructure boasts a “semi-deck saloon” design, providing enhanced views and flooding the interior with abundant natural light.

Incorporating multilevel floors and efficient storage volumes ensures provisions can be carried for extended periods, enabling sailors to embark on unforgettable journeys.

Performance and Construction:

Retaining the comfortable seagoing characteristics of its predecessors, the XC 47 maintains deep V-shaped bow sections, a generous rocker, and a higher stern overhang. The modern, wider stern section with a subtle soft chine contributes to improved stability, enhanced performance, and increased space in the aft cabins. Built with X-Yachts’ signature steel frame and utilizing a full vacuum-infused epoxy/e-glass sandwich construction, the XC 47 incorporates carbon fibre reinforcement in areas exposed to high loads. This innovative construction approach strengthens the yacht without compromising weight.

Comparison with the XC 45:

While the XC 45 has established itself as a popular bluewater cruiser, the XC 47 takes cruising to new heights. With a length of 47 feet, the XC 47 offers a larger platform for comfortable offshore adventures. It introduces refined design elements and enhanced features that make shorthanded sailing even easier.

The XC 47’s re-positioned traveler and cockpit arrangement maximizes efficiency and create a spacious living area around the helm station. The “semi-deck saloon” design of the superstructure elevates the onboard experience, providing improved visibility and an inviting atmosphere.

Furthermore, the XC 47’s wider stern section enhances stability, performance, and cabin space compared to the XC 45.


As X-Yachts prepares to launch the XC 47 in early 2024, sailors expect an elegant and capable bluewater cruiser embodying the brand’s commitment to quality, comfort, and performance. With its innovative design, enhanced shorthanded sailing capabilities, and attention to detail, the XC 47 sets a new standard in the market. While building upon the strengths of its predecessor, the XC 45, the XC 47 offers a larger platform, refined features, and an unparalleled sailing experience. Whether embarking on a long-distance voyage or coastal cruising, the XC 47 is poised to impress sailors with its combination of luxury, safety, and performance.

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