Sailing Couples on Youtube​

We believe that YouTube channels for sailing are a great way to get inspiration and learn. And maybe you considering sailing blue oceans with your partner and want to get inspired and learn . Which channels to follow? Let’s find out.

We have compiled a list of sailing couples on youtube worth following.


There are plenty of videos about alternative lifestyles, self-sufficiency and minimal living and reduced carbon footprint. And how others have left a busy day and live life on a boat, some working others have chosen to retire early. Common to most Sailing YouTube Channels is that they live in exotic locations and beautiful surroundings, such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and small archipelagos in the Pacific.

Succesfull channels to watch

Sail Life – DIY

Sail Life channel was founded by Mads in 2013, almost two years before Sailing La Vagabonde (SLV). Unlike SLV, Sail Life is a DIY channel where Mads  has documented his complete renovation of not one, byt two sailboats.

Mads has now completely finished renovating his boat no. 2 a 38 foot Warrior and he, and his wife Eva (from the US) have untied the lines and are cruising full time.

However, the Sail Life channel  continues to do DIY projects, something that Mads is really good at.

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How can you find quality channels among the noise?  The more subscribers a channel has, the better the chances that they have created quality content and shared it well with viewers.
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