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    Is there a sailor hidden in you, or do you dream of complete freedom and blue oceans? 

    There are more than 800 channels about sailing on YouTube about sailing. So far we have listed a little more than 200 of them.  Right now we are building ta complete library of channels and they are all being categorised.

    | updated November 21 |

    It could easily be that you do not believe in YouTube’s algorithm, or you just do not have time to page and find the YouTube channels that match your needs. All About Sailing has done a lot of investigation, viewing and taking notes about these channels, and we believe we made it easy to find an inspirational sailing channel for you.

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    What you cannot find on this website is, the channel with the most subscribers, or most viewed videos.

    You might already know that Sailing La Vagabonde and SV Delos has been around for quite some time and own these titles. These YouTube Channels create great content, and they do spend a massive amount of time planning, filming, postproduction and editing and posting videos for their Vlogs. SV Delos posted their first video back in march 2010 and La Vagabonde in 2014. Many would call these channels the best youtube sailing channels.

    Nationalities worldwide contribute videos about sailing, but a typical feature of the major channels is that they speak English as a mother tongue.

    There should be more than 800 channels on YouTube that are about sailing, and right now, we have collected more than 200 of these channels, categorised and easy to find.