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November 12, 2021

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October 25, 2021

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Clipper Race is a 40,000 nautical mile race around the world. It’s an ocean sailing race for ordinary people sailing a 70-foot (21,33m) racing yacht.

There are 11 teams and more than 700 race crew that competes over 40,000 nautical miles.

The circumnavigation can be completed in whole or sections, with eight legs and 16 races. A fleet of eleven identical racing yachts, including one experienced skipper and first mate to safely guide the crew. It takes around 11 months to complete the full circumnavigation.

Since the beginning of the Clipper race 20 years ago, there have been three fatalities, and two yachts have been shipwrecked.


Fifty years have passed since Sir Robin Knox Johnstone made history by becoming the first man to sail solo and non-stop around the globe in 1968-69.

Setting off from Falmouth in 1968, without sponsorship, Sir Robin set out on a 2,600-mile-long voyage in his tiny 39ft boat to secure his place in the history books.

This is what Sir Robin is all about – providing opportunity and experience for everyone through something that he similarly loves: ocean racing. He sees far more success in the form of flags on Mount Everest rather than under the waves.

Sir Robin has proved to the world, once again, that age is not a factor in completing your dreams. In addition to his successful circumnavigation in 2007, Sir Robin competed in Route de Rhum 2015 at 68 years old.

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