Fire puts an end to a sailing channel.

Dramatic scenes where the family can only watch while their boat burns


October 27, 2023

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August 20, 2021

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A Danish YouTube sailing channel and family lost everything on a fire. 

One evening, while the family is away from the boat, and only the mother is left sleeping peacefully in a bunk, a fire starts on the boat. Via a hat in the V-berth, the mother saves herself, and the family can only see that their home goes up in flames from the shore.

It happened in Banana Bay Marina, located on the Pacific coast of Central America Costa Rica.

The family, Torben, Karina and their children are currently on a five-year circumnavigation on board “Evy”.

In other words, it is the whole family’s home and all their belongings that in a few minutes went up in smoke and ended up as ashes at the bottom of the bay.

– We’ve lost everything. We had everything on board the boat – the children’s toys, all our clothes, passports and gear. I was standing there on the quay 9500 miles from Denmark in a t-shirt and swimming shorts, and those were the only belongings I had left, says Torben.

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