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Sailing Bohemia

Get ready to set sail with these hilarious sailors!


October 24, 2023

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June 26, 2022

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Get ready to set sail with these hilarious sailors! Meet Tom and Peter, a dynamic couple who embarked on their first sailing adventure together in 2015 during their honeymoon. While Tom was a novice sailor, Peter brought his wealth of experience as a seasoned sea dog and took control of the helm.

Their sailboat of choice is the Bohemia, a magnificent 36-foot Beneteau 361 monohull. This vessel boasts an “owner’s” version, featuring a 2-cabin layout with a galley and a comfortable aft berth. 

Tom and Peter

But their infectious sense of humour truly sets Tom and Peter apart. They bring a lighthearted and jovial atmosphere to every sailing expedition.

Whether navigating challenging waters or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the open sea, their witty banter and comedic adventures will keep you entertained throughout their captivating YouTube channel.

A good laugh

So, if you’re a sailing enthusiast or love a good laugh, check out Tom and Peter’s sailing escapades on their YouTube channel. Join them aboard the Bohemia as they explore the vast ocean and share their experiences on a thrilling sailing journey as a couple. It’s a delightful blend of sailing expertise, breathtaking ocean sailing, and plenty of laughter you won’t miss.


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